WHO helps wildlife after wildfires?

Asked September 17, 2017, 11:57 PM EDT

Oregon has had a horrible year with wildfires but I haven't heard ANYTHING about the wildlife or who is looking after them or helping the animals. Can you tell me WHO? I don't have a lot of faith in ODFW, who normally just checks for licensing for fishing and hunting. I don't see them rescuing animals!

Clatsop County Oregon

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It seems that animals are either successful at getting out of the way, or succumb to the flames. I was a wildland firefighter for 14 seasons, and worked all over the country, including several months in Oregon and several months in and around Yellowstone in 1988, and in my experience it was very rare to see wildlife that had been killed or injured, or hear stories about it from fellow firefighters. I have seen cows that died in fires, but not much wildlife. In answer to your question, I don't think there is anyone out looking for injured animals to help, perhaps because it such a rare event on the fire line. I suspect that there might be places to bring animals that are found, such as an ODFW facility, but I am writing from Utah and am unfamiliar with wildlife agencies in Oregon. Hope this helps,