Mason bees

Asked September 16, 2017, 10:19 PM EDT

How can I remove mason bees from underneath my deck? I would like a natural why without harming the bees. I've heard of Bee trap out but don't know if it's done in this area.

Ramsey County Minnesota insect management

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Thank you for the question. I checked with another Master Gardener who raises Mason bees and here is what she said:

The mason bees haven't been active since mid June. So what the person has is some other type of bee or wasp.
If it is a bee, there is really nothing that should be done because the bees really won't hurt anyone.
If it is a wasp, they can be aggressive. Options are:
1. blockade that area off and let it be
2. drown the nest with water
3. chemical spray might be in order

Before any action is taken, the person should identify what they are dealing with. If the insect has a really skinny waist, it is likely a wasp. If not, it is a bee that should be left alone.