How do I make the bees find a new home?

Asked September 15, 2017, 4:18 PM EDT

There is probably a nest or hive in my basement window well. I watch the bees flying around every day; however, they need to find a new home! We are doing some landscaping work but are stalled because of this bee issue. I don't want to kill them with spray. Any advice? Would anyone like to come here and take them to a new home? We are in the Rockville, MD area.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Can you get a photo of the insect that you are seeing and share it with us? Photos can be attached directly to this reply.
Unless you are seeing them all going in and out of a specific hole hear your window well, it could just be fall activity of wasps and bees, who are out searching for food in a generalized way. Their days are numbered, as we are not far from frosty nights.
If there is not a nest right there you should be able to work in the area slowly and gently without a problem.
If they are honey bees and there is a nest, there are people who will come and collect them. There are also people who will control wasps, but they are going to kill them.
Here is a photo gallery to take a look at: