white color tall fescue grass

Asked September 15, 2017, 8:17 AM EDT

Our tall fescue grass is turning white over the last week. There are some brown dots on some of the green grass leaves. Some leaves are mottled white/yellow. What kind of turf problem is this? What control measures & chemical dosage needs to be done now in Sept. and then over the next year. What kind of damage does this cause to the lawn? Thank you for your assistance! Bill

Carroll County Maryland

3 Responses

This type of whitening/bleaching is a symptom of herbicide injury. Had you used any herbicides in the vicinity recently? Was any type of chemical spilled or splashed onto that area? This isn't a symptom of any disease or pest, so there is nothing we can recommend as far as treatment. The turf should recover eventually.


Yes I did use Tenacity to curb the growth of Bermuda grass. The info. does mention bleaching of the grass. This may be the reason for the grass white color. Thanks again for the info.!