Landscape trees for Loveland, CO

Asked September 14, 2017, 1:30 PM EDT

My wife and I are buying a home in Loveland, CO and would like some recommendations for a tree for our front yard. We are planning on doing a native landscape, and our builder is asking us to select a tree. We want something that is indigenous to the area, and are open to both decidious and evergreen trees. Size of the tree would be small to medium - 10 to 45 feet when mature.

Larimer County Colorado trees and shrubs

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We do have a great Fact Sheet on native trees for Colorado:

For the parameters you've set, you could consider the following trees:

Boxelder (there is a nice cultivar that's been introduced: 'Sensation')
Bristlecone pine
Pinyon pine (do not plant in a lawn)
Bigtooth maple
Limber pine

Other trees that are not native but have adapted well to our soils and conditions:

Bur oak
Chinkapin oak
English oak
Various crabapples: