How to get rid of mites in your home

Asked September 14, 2017, 11:39 AM EDT

Hi, my name's Leon Buchanan...
I live in the UK and now I how a huge note problem. I honestly have no idea what type of mite they are, or how to find out..

I would love too learn of way I could kill them all without them coming back?
I know a few things about them having lived with them now for a about a year, I know that you pass them from home to home. As well as Friend to friend it's one of the thing that is ruining my life!
I've so depressed because of this, please help?

Thanks Leon..

Outside United States

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Without a clear idea of exact nature of the problem it is impossible to offer a control solution. Please contact a local pest control company so they can determine the nature of the problem and suggest possible strategies. Many Universities with Entomology/Acarology programs offer a insect identification service. Please check locally for such a service and they may help you. Alternatively, sanitary authorities may also be able to help. Check with local services.


I have I called the pest control and they don't know what kind of mite it is, or even if it's mites..

As for my university, I haven't gone down that road yet I will check now. Thank I'll be in touch.

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Without knowing if it is a mite, and what kind of creature it is, it is impossible to recommend control. If you can collect the creatures and send for identification at a lab either at a university or through the sanitary authorities in your country, that will make it possible for someone to recommend a treatment. The UK has several universities that deal with the study of insects and mites. You need to get over that hurdle before control can be attempted.

Hi Roberto,
What is the best way to take a sample..?
Bare in mind that I can't see them, only feel them is there something I can buy that will work to catch them for definite?

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You can't see them, but somehow you know these are mites? How do you known there is something there? Have you considered other possibilities? If you suspect the presence in some location, perhaps you can take the suspected place for examination. But, before that, one should consider the evidence (or lack of evidence) that there is a living creature associated with what you see or feel.


I don't understand what your saying..
So I have ask again, I've looked online and yes..
There are mites that are so small you can not see with your naked eye. Taking that in to consideration, I can not find any one who's willing to help.

I'm loosing my will to live, I can not go through my life at 29 years old having to put up with mico mites. Could you please tell me something that I could buy to trap the mites in and take it to the university. Please..

Kind regards, Leon.


If you cannot see any creatures, your only choice is to go to a medical office and allow them to examine you and decide on appropriate treatments. It is impossible for me, from such a distance, and through electronic messages, to decide on the best course of action. Please seek medical help and follow their advice. You may end up hurting yourself if you insist in collecting samples you cannot see. A clinic is probably the only safe way to deal with your problem.