what to plant on small apartment patio in northeast Denver,please

Asked September 14, 2017, 9:58 AM EDT

I currently live in a south facing first floor interior corner apartment in a four story "U" shaped complex in northeast Denver. My patio measures five feet by six feet. The surrounding landscape is small rocks and some lawn grass. The only wildlife in the area appears to be ants and spiders.I can't hope to attract wildlife that isn't already here but I would like to have some native plants on my patio (maybe i could attract a stray just traveling through). I'm a senior living on a fixed and small income. Suggestions for some plants are very welcome,please. Thank you.

Denver County Colorado

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I am attaching a list of Colorado native plants for your review. A pot of Black Eyed Susan would brighten the patio. A pot with a grass would add interest and texture. a Carl Forester grass is easy to grow, though not a native, and I have grown those in pots. Next Spring you could plant Hyacinth bean seeds. They will need a trellis but they have beautiful red blooms and will attract bees and butterflies. Keep your containers watered well and be sure your pots have drainage holes. The pot should hold at least twice the volume of the root ball. It might be best to wait for spring before planting as newly planted pots don't tend to overwinter well.