When can I plant grass seed and put down Weed n Feed

Asked September 13, 2017, 8:48 PM EDT

Our lawn is in Wayne County, KY. I want to plant grass seed in an established lawn and put down Weed n Feed this Fall. Please tell me the best timing on when I should do this

Wayne County Kentucky

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Early fall is a good time of year to fertilize your lawn especially nitrogen. We do not recommend applying Nitrogen fertilizer in the spring. If your lawn stand is not thick enough to suit you can drill or power seed some grass seed into the existing sod. Be careful not to get it more than 1/2 inch deep. You need seed to soil contact to have any chance at getting good germination and a viable plant that can compete with established grass plants. We do not recommend that you apply weed control at this time because the herbicide could damage the new grass seedlings. The best weed control is a good thick stand of grass. If you need to control weeds with a herbicide late winter early spring is a good time to spray for purple deadnettle, henbit and chickweed. Dicamba and 2,4-D are usually the herbicides of choice for lawn weeds. Be sure to follow the labelled recommendations when applying any herbicide. Do not apply a herbicide in the same season that you plant seed.