Oak trees, have no acorns this year?

Asked September 13, 2017, 7:32 PM EDT

I noticed in the Spring, that our maple trees had no "helicopter seeds", and now, that our oaks have no acorns....is this related to the mild February weather, followed by the hard freeze? I live in East Rockville, South Olney area....

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Mast crops, like acorns and maple 'samaras' can vary greatly from year to year.
That said, hard mast crop production can be reduced with late frosts like we had this year.
Here is an Extension page from Iowa that discusses freeze-related, lower acorn production in 2016: https://www.extension.iastate.edu/article/late-spring-frost-having-impact-animals-fall


Thanks! That was interesting. Apparently the frost was "spotty" - friends across the street work at a school closer to 270 and further south in the county. They say they have acorns at the school property.
I suspect the maples were affected by the February event, but maybe the acorns in this neighborhood were hit by a later frost that I did not notice, never having seen a year that put the kibosh on acorns. I know they "bloom" later than the maples. Tough time for squirrels and blue jays! There's gonna be real competition at my bird feeder this Winter!