Stunted and dying burning bush

Asked September 13, 2017, 5:26 PM EDT

I planted multiple Burning bush plants about 5 years ago. They are so stunted and sad looking compared to what I'm sure they should look like. Over the past 18 months 2 have just dried up and died after putting on Spring foliage. Where do I start to identify whats eating them? I'm stumped. The white is diatomaceous earth. I have seen what looks like spider webs on them. I would prefer to use something nature if possible as I feed birds and don't want to use anything that would cause them harm,

La Plata County Colorado trees and shrubs

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Just looking at the photos, I am not sure what is happening. Why are you using diatomaceous earth on the burning bush?
The tops of the plants look like they could have aphid damage. There could also be leafhopper feeding? Have you noticed any specific insects feeding the plants?
It's possible that there is powdery mildew on the shrubs. There are some instances where Powdery Mildew can curl the leaves on plants.
The bottoms of the plants looks pretty healthy compared to the tops. Has anyone in the neighborhood used herbicides that could have drifted over the tops of the plants?
How much water are these plants getting throughout the season?
The yellowing of the foliage could also be iron chlorosis. Have you had your soil pH tested? If it is above 6.5-7.0, the alkalinity of the soil will bind iron so it is not available to the plants.
Is this a new house construction?

Thanks for any other information you can provide.