Strange, uniform pinkish spheres

Asked September 13, 2017, 3:47 PM EDT

Hi- In late August, I was in Hoyt Lakes helping my 90-year old dad with a few lawn chores. He had asked me to watch and listen for the water output from his sump hose in the yard, which had become buried by turf buildup. When he turned on the pump, I heard/saw where the water was coming from, and went to mark it with a screwdriver in the ground. I noticed at the place the water was bubbling up from, about 8-10 uniform, large pea-sized, pale earthworm-pink-colored "blobs", round, with a slightly narrowed tip on one side. Dad picked one up, noted it was quite firm, and slippery. I wish I had taken a picture to send with- have been researching and just cannot find anything even approximating what these things were! Any help would be fantastic, this is a mystery for us both. They weren't any sort of grub that I've ever seen, and I don't know if they were a water creature-nymph, etc?? Would love some insight!

Olmsted County Minnesota

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In my reasearch I am unable to find anything that resembles what you describe. I wonder if what you saw was actually fungus versus a water based creature? The damp conditions you describe would support the growth of fungus or slime bodies. If they are still present and your dad and is able to get a photo I could perhaps give more information.