large yellow squash

Asked September 13, 2017, 3:06 PM EDT

I grew a variety of yellow squash that I can't find the name or seeds anywhere. It's round to oblong ( sometimes looks like spaghetti squash but isn't ) it grows on massive vines 15 to 40 feet long and is very prolific & disease resistant . I thought I planted regular yellow squash & don't know where it came from .Best I ever had. Help ! I am saving seeds but it could be a hy-bred or it might fail. All the best - Rick


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Without a photo I am going to make a total guess:
One Ball which is a hybrid round yellow zucchini hybrid with long vines. Other prolific yellow squash include Horn of Plenty (yellow summer squash), and Early Prolific Straight Necked.

Feel free to send me a photo.