What plant is this?

Asked September 13, 2017, 11:46 AM EDT

this tree has 'fruit' and flowers. Does anyone know what it is, and is the fruit edible?

Nassau County New York hibiscus cornus kousa

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Thank you for your question. The images you have sent us are parts of two different plants that must be entangled in a way that makes them look like a single plant. The flowering plant is a hibiscus cultivar and is associated with the serrated leaves. The fruit is of a Cornus (dogwood), probably Cornus kousa. It is associated with the oval shaped, smooth-edged leaves.

While Cornus kousa fruit is considered edible, you should bring a fruit to your Nassau County Cooperative Extension for a confirming identification before you eat any of these fruit. They are located in Jericho and you can reach their Horticultural Community Contact by phone or email:

Jennifer Cappello-Ruggiero
Horticulture Community Educator
516-565-5265 Ext. 14