Applying weed & feed/winterizer now? How?

Asked September 13, 2017, 10:38 AM EDT

I have 2 bags of Scotts Winterizer Weed & Feed. I had planned to apply them this week before a very busy week next week. However, the hot temps in the forecast give me pause. Also, as I read various directions about how to apply weed and feed, I am more confused. On to wet grass? Just before a rain? SOS!

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Thank you for the question. You are correct to factor in weather conditions as you contemplate fall lawn care. As our publication on fertilizing lawns suggests, ideal conditions for fertilizing include a cool day with rainfall or watering immediately after application Avoid applying quick release products when temperatures are above 85 degrees. This is general information and you must read the package you have carefully and follow directions to the letter.
Our publication contains lots of good information but I'm pasting a key paragraph here for you:

Environmental conditions

When fertilizing lawns, particularly with quick-release nutrients, it is important to consider the weather and turfgrass conditions to achieve maximum effectiveness of the applied fertilizer. Ideal conditions include a cool day with a good rainfall or watering immediately following the fertilizer application to wash the fertilizer off the leaves and into the soil. As the temperature increases, the potential for damaging the leaves through fertilizer burn increases; consequently, care must be taken by applying a lower rate of fertilizer, using slow-release forms, or washing fertilizer off the leaves immediately after application. Unless absolutely essential, fertilizer application using quick-release nutrients should be avoided when air temperatures are higher than 85°F.

Thank you for contacting Extension.

Thank you! I'm guessing that the "Weed" part of the Weed/Feed Winterizer will be rather useless because of watering/raining it in soon after application. Is that correct?

The package for the formulation you purchased will provide specifics on irrigation that is correct for a weed and feed product. Please apply as directed.