Owning mini goats in Baltimore County

Asked September 12, 2017, 7:34 PM EDT

Hello, Our family is moving out to Phoenix, near Jacksonville from Baltimore city, to a property that has a little over an acre of land. I've been researching owning miniature goats and I can't seem to figure out if owning them in Baltimore county is allowable on a lot that size. The zoning information I can find seems to make no distinction between miniature breeds and full sized ones. It seems that one can not own goats on a property under 3 acres. Is this correct? Is there any way for a person to apply for an exception or a permit? Our goal is to have maybe three minis as pets, perhaps a doe for milk (my husband makes cheese) and perhaps for my sons to be involved in 4H and show them. Thank you in advance for any information. Sincerely, Jennifer Klingler

Baltimore County Maryland

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Hello Jennifer,

Thanks for your question. In a nutshell, your description is my understanding also about having 3 acres. However, you can apply for a zoning variance through the Baltimore County zoning office… Their contact number is 410-887-3391.