Keeping an emitter system from clogging each time it runs and/ or a simple method of maintance.

Asked September 12, 2017, 4:08 PM EDT

I converted a lawn to a planting area and used the sprinkler heads as connections for an emitter system. Most of the the emitters work fine each time the system runs but others are stopped-up and require "bleeding" off" meaning one must remove the tops and let it spurt for a few seconds. This maintenance must be done almost every time the system is run, I do not know if material is being back- syphoned into the system or if there is a build from the sodium content in the water here in Bryan. I have about 375 emitters in the planting area. How can I install a filter and/or a system to add a cleaning solution such as an acid ? And do I need to add ball valves at the end of each station/ FYI each station has a regulator.Thanks. Tom McDonald, 979- 777-8288, Bryan P. S. The conversion was made in 1/2015 and for about 3 months the system seemed to function fairly efficiently,

Brazos County Texas

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Great question. Water quality significantly impacts functionality of all irrigation systems. Are the problematic emitters the same ones every time? Have you tried to collect the water and subsequent "foreign matter" when you bleed the system or emitter? The "junk" collected might answer some of the questions. A filter would likely need to be placed at the point of origin where the water enters the irrigation system. Suspect that is also where any additive would be placed too. I recommend consulting a licensed irrigation installer in our area. Or, contact Charles Swanson at