Empty Pecans

Asked September 12, 2017, 2:18 PM EDT

Hi, I have two mature pecan trees/two different varieties which make empty pecan shells. Some of them have the outer skin of the pecans but no meat. Most of them are just empty. What can I do. I put down fertilizer which contains zinc and that has not helped. Please email me at shapirodls@gmail.com

Howard County Maryland

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Failure of pecans to fill out can be due to poor soil nutrition, pests and diseases that cause leaf loss (e.g. scab, fall webworm), poor pollination, and/or drought. We do not have a pecan specialist at the University of Maryland Extension. Several of the southern states have a much stronger focus in this area and we recommend their resources. Take a look at the following pages from NC Cooperative Extension and Clemson. These sources address some of the causes for failure of pecan nuts to fill properly.