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Asked September 12, 2017, 12:30 PM EDT

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Eileen Tully: In Gazette H&G section, you said in landscape beds and vegetable gardens, if weeds are too numerous, mulch or use an herbicide. But can that "two, 4-D" be used in the vegetable garden?

El Paso County Colorado

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thank you for your question.
Please read the above factsheet from the National Pesticide Information Center.

2,4-D is a broadleaf herbicide that will kill any broadleaf weed by spraying the plant directly. You can use this herbicide in the late winter/early springs to rid your vegetable beds from weeds. You want to do this early, before you plant, but avoid use of this product during the growing and harvest season. This can be used again once you stop growing veggies and weeds are still present. Please read the directions on the bottle, planting times vary depending on the product and concentration. After planting your vegetables you could mulch your raised beds to keep the weeds manageable.
Herbicides sprays are often the cause for lots of plant damage in the vegetable garden. This happens by spray drifting and damaging vegetable plants and crop nearby. I would recommend to hand pull your weeds in the veggie garden during the growing season. There are very helpful tools available that will allow you to cut the root below the surface while standing which might make this easier.
Keeping weeds from setting seeds is also helpful. You could just cut the flowers off if its not possible to remove the weed at this time.