Winter Gem Boxwood - Blight or Fungus?

Asked September 12, 2017, 9:25 AM EDT

Dear Sir or Madam,

I transplanted some Winter Gem Boxwood last spring. They appeared to be doing fine. I do not believe I over watered them but may have under watered them. They have light mulch around the bottom. One plant is 50% dead with the leaves yellow, brown and orange. The other boxwood leaves are affected too but sporadic on the leaves throughout the plant. I noticed the leaves also have a white ring around them on the back. Is this a fungus, blight, bug infestation? Should I remove the entire plant and destroy it or just cut off the dead area? Are the other plants salvageable? What can I do to help these plants and protect them?

Mecosta County Michigan trees and shrubs

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Can you take some additional photos of the entire plant or plants affected?

Here is what the boxwoods look like - along with my hydrangea. Please help...I feel so bad for my plants.

The hydrangea is in a different area and I posted a separate question on those plants. Thank you.

That plant is not going to recover so I would probably remove it. I can't say what the cause of the decline is. Was there anything sprayed in the area? It may have a canker we can't see or a root rot issue. It is hard to say for sure without seeing an actual sample.