irrigation sediment filters.

Asked September 11, 2017, 2:31 PM EDT

my irrigation system runs great when i use plain water and pressure is perfect. when i add my nutrient solution ( fish emulsion and other thick fertilizers) they tend to clog up my drip heads. i installed a spin down sediment filter after my pump and my pressure dropped so much my drip heads are barely dripping. previously they were flowing great around 20 gpm. is there a drip head that doesnt clog but still allows a high amount of water to flow? would installing the filter before the pump but after my reservoir solve the pressure loss? pvc is 1 1/2 inch wide and the filter is the same size. maybe a bigger filter? thank you for the help in fine tuning my irrigation!


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You need to contact an drip irrigation supply dealer (there are several in the Willamette Valley like Ernst in St. Paul, HPS Pipe and Supply in Cornelius, and others) to match up your system with the products you are using. The right-sized filters are important but so is effective pre-mixing of the fertilizer solution to reduce the tendency to glob up. Also important are the emitters, some of which are more forgiving than others to these kinds of solutions. Any large commercial organic vegetable or berry grower that is using drip systems to"fertigate" with should be able to provide you with more practical advice. Hope this helps. Email me directly if you want more irrigation supply leads.