fir pine tree problems

Asked September 11, 2017, 2:09 PM EDT

hi, i have a fir tree and some of the lower branches seem to have less needles on their branches than other parts of the tree. They aren't turning brown and falling off nor is there any tree trunk problems. The needles don't seem as full as the rest and thought it might be a bug, but I can't see anything nor do I see any fungus. I sprayed them for bugs, but don't know if that did any good because I don't know what I am dealing with. I sprayed in about a month ago when i first noticed it. Thank you, Kathy

I do see problems in other pines, different varieties, different problems. Is this climate changes?

Butler County Ohio pine trees

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Thin needles can be the result of not enough sunlight. Are these trees getting full sun? Spraying for bugs doesn't help if you aren't targeting the right chemical at the right time. Soil conditions and other site conditions can also play a role in how well the tree is growing. If you think it is a pest issue you may want to send a sample in to our plant pest diagnostic clinic - at the top of the page is a submit a sample tab that can walk you through how to submit a sample.
However, it may not be anything other than the site conditions and those (pH, clay soils, drainage issues) can be difficult to change.