Help identifying three plants

Asked September 11, 2017, 11:51 AM EDT

Hi, these three plant species are in my garden, and I'd like to know if they're invasive, or okay to keep. Photo 1. Tall plant, thin leaves, seed pods Photo 2. Plants with scalloped edges, and "narrow waist." Photo 3. These three plants have been growing since spring, but have yet to bloom. They are about six inches across. Thanks so much!

Hennepin County Minnesota

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We aren't sure about the identity of the plant in the first photo. Please reply to this message and attach a sharp photo after the flower buds open.

The plant in the second (middle photo) is a kind of poppy. It's a seedling and it might be too late for it to bloom this growing season. Poppies self seed readily so if they have been grown in the area, there will probably be more seedlings next year.

The plant in the third photo is a kind of dianthus. One of the most common is a biennial called sweet william. If this ID is correct, the plant will bloom next summer, probably in late June.

Thanks, Bob! Will send a better photo when it buds. Very excited about the poppies and sweet William, as they are in the wildflower mix I seeded, but haven't seen sprout before. Much appreciated! Marjean

Here are two photos after budding. Hope these help in ID! Thanks, Marjean

It's very difficult to identify the plant with certainty because the photos lack the sharpness and resolution needed to view some important details. However, we think it might be a small specimen of Canada horseweed. The plant in the photo appears to be much smaller than a full-grown horseweed that's typically 2-4 feet tall. Nevertheless, the flowers seem to match that species and so do the leaves and stem insofar as we can see them.

Go here to read about horseweed and compare the photos to see it they match your plant. Also note that the description says horseweed plants can be as short as 6 inches.

If the plant is horseweed, it's not something you will probably want to keep in your garden or wildflower patch.

That is very helpful! I will an eye on the plant, and pull it out before it seeds, if it looks like horse weed. Thanks!