Beech Bark Disease

Asked September 11, 2017, 11:06 AM EDT

I believe our property in Lake County MI. maybe falling victim to BBD. I have included a photo of a "clump" of beech that seems hardest hit. These photos are close ups of bird damage being caused to the tree, and of what appears to be the "white waxy scaling". The overall "crown" of the tree is 50-60% void of leaves in the (upper half), lower half appears normal.

Lake County Michigan forestry trees and shrubs

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Those pictures do look like beech scale. I would recommend calling your Forestry Assistance Program forester for Lake County, Josh Shields. Josh is a wealth of information and will be able to help you make decisions regarding the beech bark disease. Josh's number is 231-889-9666 X102.
In the mean time, the bulletin at the link above will give you some detailed information about beech bark disease.
With hopes this information provides some guidance.
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