What is this weed?

Asked September 11, 2017, 8:35 AM EDT

Good Morning, Throughout the yard appears an occasional 'clump' of tightly packed grass that I suspect is some type of weed. Please see attached I) broad view, 2) tighter view. Thank you ... appreciate your insights.

Montgomery County Maryland

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We viewed your photos. The weed looks like bermudagrass. This is a tough perennial warm season grass to control. Here is out website for photos and management



Respectively ... I am not so sure that this is Bermuda grass.

The lawn certainly has Bermuda grass. I am familiar with it because I have been trying to kill it for 2 months. It is very stubborn (as you likely already know). The grass will definitely turn brown but then green shoots will appear from the same dead root. But this particular grass/weed has a different texture. And when parted (see attached), the roots can be seen in the ground. The Bermuda grass in other areas of our yard have long runners that extend several inches (and in some cases maybe 12") (see attached). Trying to pull up the established Bermuda grass is very difficult and treating them with chemicals is long and tedious.

Your thoughts? ... and thank you again.


The additional two photos look different from the photos that you previously sent.
It is difficult to identify weeds from photos and we cannot make an accurate identification. There are not enough features to identify them such as flower heads, rhizomes, or ligules.

In your second photos we see areas of dead grass and what appears to be some crabgrass or a type of grassy weed but we cannot say for sure. Take a look at our Weed Gallery and look at Grassy Weeds http://extension.umd.edu/hgic/lawns/lawn-weed-identification

You can also take samples of the weeds to a Master Gardener Plant Clinic in your County. Dig up the weeds and the root system for more information.


Totally agree ... difficult to identify. I checked the link you provided and am now leaning to 'nimble weed'.

Appreciate your help ... thank you.


If nimble will, dig up those few clumps before they seed themselves everywhere. Now is your window of opportunity.