Deer resistant evergreens

Asked September 10, 2017, 8:07 PM EDT

We live for n a town (Beech Mountain, NC 28604), elevation at our house is 5500ft. With NO control, our deer population is HUGE!! I want deer proof evergreen shrubs and trees.......our Winter temps usually drops to -16 to -19F a couple times/ year........mostly night time temps in low teens.....daytime highs 35-55F....what do you suggest?

Avery County North Carolina trees and shrubs

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There are products such as deer off or plant Skyd, or Deer away. These products can deter deer for a while. You spray the plants and the deer wont like the taste or smell for a period of time. These products are either a blood meal or aromatic deterent. You will need a sprayer that is used only for this purpose. You may alos need to reapply when we get rain. Each product lists a length of time that the product will remain on the tree and work. Sometimes those lengths appear to be exaggerated. There are other tools such as noise makers, lights, colored ribbon etc that may also aid in the detering the population. I dont know of anything that a deer would not eat if hungry enough. Beech mt is also a serious problem since you can't hunt them to reduce the population and you have well meaning residents that feed them. It is certainly a tough problem, but these are my suggestions.