Deer food plot help !

Asked September 10, 2017, 5:07 AM EDT

Hello I have 4.5 acs that I use as a deer food plot ( started it last year when my 10yr old daughter wanted to hunt with me ) I used Farmworks 41% Glyphosate 2.5 gallons per 120 gallons do water but I had a problem so this year I did 5 gallons for 120 gallons of water mixed to kill everything off because I have been having a problem with a fast growing tall plant ( right now some are over 7ft tall and full of seeds ) when I say full of seeds I mean 1 plant must have over 5000 -10000 seeds on it. The plant is green and just covered with clusters of seeds and over took my clover patch by mid spring and now it's all weeds and these plants. I justo sprayed the 120 gallons water and 5 gallons of the 41% on the 4.5 acs Friday to hope it kills everything so I can have my farmer come over and disk up the land because I plan to put in ( here is where I need some help of all the items I am going to list what would you put next to each other ? ) the 4.5 acs is a square so you can draw what you would plant where to help me and next spring what would you use to kill off all / most off the weeds before it kills off my clover again ? I keep seeing Arrest Max or Slay mixed with Sure-Fire Crop Oil Plus but did not know of any one who has used it ( I keep reading on line a lot of deer farms and other hunters use it ) so if you could please let me know that would Help me out so much !! Here is a list of what I plan on planting and how much I have of each MEDIUM RED CLOVER 15lbs LADINO CLOVER 3lbs ALSIKE CLOVER 3lbs YELLOW BLOSSOM CLOVER 15lbs EGYPTIAN WHEAT 5lbs SCREAN MIX 10lbs TOTAL ( SORGHUM SUDAN 1lb,EGYPTIAN WHEAT 6lb, SORGHUM 3lbs ) If you would mix any please let me know what ones and how much and why, and list what you would plant where, and last for next spring what would you spray to kill most if not all the weeds because as you can tell I spend a lot of money on my hunting food plot and would like it to stay around for 3-5yrs !! I am a single Dad who has 50/50 of out now 11yr old daughter so I try to make hunting as much fun as I can for her !! So ANY HELP WOUKD BE GREAT !!! And if that plant does not die after this last spray I'll take pics of it. ( just need your email to send them to or a cell number to text them to )

Lapeer County Michigan

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Deer food plot planter,

I read your information and the first thing that needs to be done is to identify the weed you have in your plot. The main ingredient in your herbicide has been glyphosate, the active ingredient in what's commonly called Roundup. Unfortunately, there are weeds that will not be controlled by this herbicide due to resistance. If a weed is resistant to glyphosate, you will not be able to control it even if you spray a solution of glyphosate that is 10 times more concentrated. You may have one of these weeds in your food plot. Can you send me a picture of the weed so that we can identify it? Please use my email address: