Trumpet vine leaves dying

Asked September 9, 2017, 3:50 PM EDT

Hello, I have two 20 year old trumpet vines that have dropped/are dropping their leaves. The one in the back yard went a month ago and now the one in the front that has reached the top of my 3 storey home is dying. It takes approx 3 weeks for all the leaves to completely die. Both are in full sun. There are no soil problems. I dont have to fertilize as they are very vigorous. At first I thought maybe my crazy neighbour who hates plants poisoned the ground but the black on the leaves has me thinking otherwise.Weather was wet early in the season and the summer cool. There are no signs of insects but the dying leaves have black patches on them. Is this some type of fungus or mold? Will the plant come back next year? I have included a couple of photos. Thank you for your help. I have grown quite fond of these lovely vines covered in orange blossoms that feed butterfiies. bees and orioles.

Allegany County Maryland

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We viewed your photos. This vine does not have a lot of disease or insect pests. Trumpet creeper is pretty vigorous and usually we get questions on removal or how to contain.
It is possible you may be dealing with a canker (cracked bark) near the base, stem or root rot, or vole damage
Look for the above. Make sure the soil drains well and is not near any drainage spouts. All you can do is see if the plant puts out new growth next season.