Tomato plants

Asked September 8, 2017, 9:29 PM EDT

We moved from a in ground garden on an acre lot to a townhome with a raised bed and an earth box. . Never have I had so many problems with my tomato plants this summer. In the earth box I had blith and blossom rot. What is the cause of this? I put my Romas in the raised bed and they are HUGE!! All is well with them. Is my problem the earth box or the season or what? Want to find out before next Spring. Thank you

Douglas County Minnesota

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Blossom End Rot (BER) is a physiological condition that is often caused by environmental factors. It can occur in green or ripe fruit and will look like brown leathery spots on the bottom of the fruit initially, and black rotting wells if it becomes advanced. Because BER is not a fungus, it will not spread to other plants, but treatment options are limited. Prevention is key to combatting this condition. Take steps to ensure the reservoir remains filled and the plant has plenty of calcium. Early Blight is a fungal condition and can remain in the soil for a year or more. Perhaps previous owners had blight in that box. I would suggest that if at all possible you remove the soil, wash the box down with a 1 part bleach/10 parts water solution and then put in new soil. Otherwise, do not plant tomatoes in the box for a minimum of two years. Try beans, cabbage, carrots, etc.