Removal of Ash Tree for Possible Emerald Ash Borers

Asked September 8, 2017, 1:30 PM EDT

We have a very large, old ash tree near power lines. We have the opportunity to have it removed for free, and have been told there are signs of the emerald ash borers. I only see a little bit of possible woodpecker flecking -- no emergence holes. At the base of the tree, there is an area of soft moist bark on one side. Should we consider having it removed? We've been having it a pre-treatment for the emerald ash borers for a few years now.

Baltimore County Maryland emerald ash borer invasive

3 Responses

If you have the opportunity to have the tree removed for free you should take it down. There is no guarantee that the treatments will prevent the problem. You have less luck with older trees. When the tree declines they become hazardous and ash trees become brittle when they die. In some instances cranes may be needed for removal.
Begin by looking at our emerald ash borer page for more information


Thank you for your expertise. Most helpful!