Volunteer Pumpkin Vine

Asked September 8, 2017, 12:01 PM EDT

We had a volunteer pumpkin appear in our rocked landscape area just off of our front door. It is growing like crazy! We have one large green pumpkin (8-10" diameter), and it is still producing a lot of female flowers. Some of those pumpkins have spoiled on the vine, but I have tried to prune a lot of the leaves to open the vine up to sunshine as it is in area that only gets afternoon sun through shade of some trees. Will the new "pumpkins" still have time to grow if actually pollinated, or should I just concentrate on getting the one big pumpkin? Also, the large pumpkin is still quite dark green...will it turn orange? Again, this was not planted -- must have been a deposit from a rabbit? Not sure what variety.

Scott County Minnesota

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If you want one or two big pumpkins, you should prune off all the other immature fruit. You should also prune out any flowers that appear. Make the plant devote its energy into growing the pumpkins, not in producing new fruit or flowers.

As for what you will get, it's anybody's guess. Squash cross-pollinate a great deal, so the plant that came from a stray seed will probably not grow true to its parent plant. I don't know if it will turn orange. If it is programmed in the seed to turn orange and the growing season is long enough, maybe. It will be "squash-like" is about all I can say. Read here:

Thank you Dennis. I will start pruning flowers and concentrate on the 2-3 that are currently growing. Kindof excited to see what we end up with. Actually tried planting pumpkins 2 years ago and they never took off, just a couple male flowers and that was it. Any chance you know much about Hostas?

Dennis is away at the moment, but if you have questions about hostas, we will try to help.

Hi Dennis,
I am wondering if you have any idea what is wrong with my hostas (photos attached). They were doing good all summer until after the flowering.

In the future, please separate questions into different posts. The reason is that the questions get categorized, making them easier to search for. No one will know to look under "pumpkins" for the answer to a hosta question.

As for your hostas, while they can get a number of spot diseases, yours might be infected with hosta anthracnose. Read here: