Eradicating Tansy

Asked September 7, 2017, 11:58 PM EDT

To eliminate large expanses of Tansy along our association roadway where it is not feasible to pull them by the roots, will repeated cutting and disposal of cut plants help?

Lake County Minnesota

1 Response

Tansy is found growing all over the temperate climatic zones in the Northern Hemisphere. This species grows naturally in the open areas, the length of the roads as well as places close to water. The flowering tops of tansy are harvested when the flowers open up during summer.

Tansy is a perennially growing plant which may either be propagated by its seeds or by means of root division. This species has the aptitude to self-sow and it is necessary to control the growth of tansy in order to prevent it from turning out to be an invasive weed.

Cutting and collecting the cuttings should help with the spread by seed but it is a perennial and the roots will continue to produce plants.