Replacement evergreen shrubs for those with Rose Rosette

Asked September 7, 2017, 11:22 AM EDT

We live in Dallas, and have several Knockout roses with the Rose Rosette disease that has gone around the area. This covers several areas in our front and side yard.
What are a couple of replacement shrubs, that are evergreen and bloom, that we could plant in their place? They would get full sun and are in our front beds.

Dallas County Texas

3 Responses

You have many options from which to choose.

The crape myrtle shrub could be used as a replacement, but it really comes down to personal preference.

no matter what you choose, be sure to find varieties that will give you a nice succession of blooms and be aware of their flowering times, mature heights and colors.

Well, you state that we have many options to choose from but you only offered 1 suggestion: crape myrtle, which I hate.
Please write back with more ideas--evergreen, blooming, preferably Texas SuperStar plants with low maintenance.