Fiddle leaf fig plants

Asked September 7, 2017, 9:53 AM EDT

I love seeing these plants on TV and magazines and at local businesses so I gave it a try. Four times at that! Now I officially do not like the plant. It has been the hardest for me to grow. I kept it indoors they all died. Different lighting and areas of the house. Good organic potting soil. Let it dry out between watering etc.... All are dead except 1. Not sure if it was the lack of humidity, too dry, too much water... Ugh.
What has been your experience with this plant?

Bexar County Texas

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Heres a great article, that says it all. However, most people do overwater this plant. Look at the differnces, or should I say, try to identify the differences between the healthy one and the ones that died.

Me personally, I water based on a electronic soil moisture meter. You can find them at Home depot for about ten dollars.