Grubs in September!

Asked September 7, 2017, 9:49 AM EDT

I just found about 6-8 very large healthy grubs in my pot. Now I know why my bamboo plant died. If its in my one pot does that mean its most likely in my grass and other pots too?
And since its already September how or what should I do to treat my backyard?

Bexar County Texas

1 Response

Those may be Ox beetle larvae. You can find more information on them here:

The only way to know if they are in other areas is to sample those areas and look in the root zone of the plant for the grubs.

If you are not seeing damage, then there is no reason to treat your yard for grubs at this time. You can watch the area next year for damage to appear of sample in the spring for grubs and decide on treatment then if necessary.

You can find more information on turf infesting grubs here: