Replacement for himalayan birch

Asked September 6, 2017, 5:47 PM EDT

My himalayan birch were damaged in in last winter's ice storm. One is panted 4 to 5 feet from a dry stacked rock wall and flagstone walk. Is there another deciduous tree that is narrow and tall and will resist ice damage?

Lane County Oregon

1 Response

Cover your losses with ice storm-resistant trees is an article that explains why some trees are more ice resistance than others and gives some good examples.

OSU Extension has two great tools you can use to help you pic the perfect tree. You can search for possible tree selections by shape, color, size, etc. with OSU's Landscape Plants Search Website. Additionally, the Extension publication and app Selecting, Planting and Caring for a New Tree also has some suggestions based on flowers, size, water usage, etc. and offers tips on planting, spacing, and initial care. Hope you find your perfect fit!