Nut Sedge Invasion

Asked September 6, 2017, 4:10 PM EDT

Our yard is being taken over by nut sedge. I don't mind it, because it look enough like grass to me. However, my husband feels the need to get rid of it. He wants to spray our entire yard with Round Up and then reseed. We have two small children and two dogs. Plus, I have spent the last year replanting nearly all of our garden beds with native pollinators plants. I really do not want to be spreading poison all over our yard. Is there are natural way we can address this issue?

Anne Arundel County Maryland

1 Response

Take a look at our web page about yellow nutsedge and the options for controlling it. The most natural way to deal with it would be to dig it up by hand, if possible. The next best option would be to spot-treat it with a herbicide that is specifically formulated for nutsedge control. That way, you are minimizing herbicide use and just using it where it's needed. Nutsedge grows well in moist areas, so if you have a way to improve drainage in the area and minimize wetness, that will also help. When you remove it, you will want to overseed the areas to thicken the turf, which will help to reduce the chances of further weed invasions.