Weed Preventer

Asked September 6, 2017, 3:31 PM EDT

I recently dug up an overgrown garden that had multiple perennials, Weeds and grass. We cleared all vegetation and plan to plant seed for grass. The area is about 1000 square feet. What should i put in the soil to make sure the perennials and weeds don't take over. I was thinking Preen but not sure which one to use. Also is there a better option so soil is prepared properly. Thank you.

Wayne County Michigan

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Preen is a pre-emergent herbicide. It works by preventing germination of the weeds listed on the label. It does not work on existing weeds. Preen will also prevent your grass seed from germinating so it should not be used when seeding a lawn. Most turfgrass herbicides are intended for use on established grasses. Thus, herbicide use on newly planted grasses should be very conservative. If possible, wait until the grass has gone through several mowings or a full growing season before using chemical weed control. Here is information on seeding a lawn:



Thank you. We pulled up the rest of the perennials and had to spray round up on weeds that were already coming up. The Round up instructions said we only needed to wait 3 - 5 days before planting. Is that OK. Someone else suggested we needed to add fresh top soil of atleast 2 inches. We don't really need much soil. Are we OK to till the soil and seed and top with straw? Your help is appreciated.

Since this was a perennial garden I'm assuming that the soil had an increased amount of organic material. The recommendation typically for top soil is 2-4 inches but that is usually for ground that is fill or subsoil. You might consider adding 1/4" of compost to the area followed by tilling, seeding and mulching. We always recommend following label instructions so if the Roundup label said 3-5 days before planting that is fine.