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Asked September 5, 2017, 9:34 PM EDT

I used to have a very large garden in my field and could successfully grow anything there. Since my husbands passing it is too much work for me so I created a "garden box" in my yard roughly 15 by 5 feet and about a foot deep. I compost it every year and grow some beautiful plants in it. I have had it functioning about 6 years. There is no bottom on it so it drains into the ground and I initially filled it with the dirt from our old garden. The problem I am having is that for the life of me i cannot grow a root plant in it. Radishes, onions, turnips, etc.the leaves are beautiful and healthy but no fruit? I have never had or heard of such an issue in my life nor has anyone I have spoken to about it. I was recommended to your site by an agricultural supply store as they were also in the dark about this. Any suggestions? Would love to know what is or is not happening here.

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Poor development of root vegetables can be due to heavy compacted soil, planting at the wrong time of year, or planting too closely. Turnips, for example, should be thinned out to 4-8 inches apart to give them enough space for good root development. Radishes also need to be thinned out (2-4 inches between each plant). On our website we have additional information about growing various types of root vegetables.

Also, here is a page with tips on soil preparation.