Pin Oak Tree

Asked September 5, 2017, 4:46 PM EDT

We have a pin oak tree in our front yard that is close to 30 years old. We noticed this spring that it did not fill out nearly as full as it normally does. The attached pictures were taken on Aug. 25. At that time nearly 1/2 of the leaves had turned brown and began to fall off, and now, about 10 days later, almost the entire tree has brown leaves. Please diagnose. Thanks.

Howard County Maryland

1 Response

We viewed your photos and they were out of focus. However, it looks like you may be dealing with bacterial leaf scorch. Symptoms typically appear in mid to late summer on lower branches as irregular marginal browning on interior leaves. See our website and video for more information. This disease can be slow. It can take over 10 years to develop and if the tree is stressed can be as little as 5 years. There are no good treatment options. Water during dry periods. Our fall seasons especially can tend to be dry. Prune dead wood.