Craft soft drink info

Asked September 5, 2017, 12:17 PM EDT

Hello, i'm starting a small craft soft drink business and would love some help. I'm interested in any text books or other references that your experts might be able to suggest relating specifically to syrup production or craft soda brewing. My current specific issue is that my final soda brix is off a bit. I'd love to find a formula that would allow me to increase or decrease brix as needed in my final dilution based on current volume & brix. Thanks for your time. Alex

Deschutes County Oregon

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Hi Alex-

Thank you for contacting Ask an Expert. I recommend that you contact the Oregon State University Food Innovation Center in Portland (503-872-6680).

The Food Innovation Center (FIC) is a resource for client based product and process development, packaging engineering and shelf life studies, and consumer sensory testing. Research work is conducted to develop innovative processing and packaging technologies.

The Food Innovation Center partners with: the Department of Food Science and Technology to provide educational programs and subject matter expertise, the Small Business Development Center to provide start-up business development education for entrepreneurs, Portland Development Commission for grant funding opportunities, Oregon Micro-enterprise Network working with small enterprises in both rural and urban locations.

The collaborative work at the FIC provides many opportunities for producers, processors, marketers, and entrepreneurs to actualize their food to market goals. To find out more about the FIC, please visit their website at

Good luck!