Two plants to identify

Asked September 3, 2017, 8:09 PM EDT

I'm attaching 2 pictures of plants I can't identify. I've looked in Peterson and Newcomb's, and started through Brown and Brown, then gave up. The first is in my garden, and is some kind of "stick-tight" plant, as we said as kids. It is about 30" tall, and has arms that reach out with the little sticky seeds on them. Really a quite beautiful plant. The second one is a common roadside plant that I've seen everywhee in MD and northern VA. It is anywhere from 2 ft to 6 or so ft tall, and had white flower heads. It's quite impressive by the side of the road; this picture was taken just off of I-270. Please put me out of my misery by telling me what these two plants are! Thank you!!

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The first two photos are Hackelia virginiana, commonly known as Virginia sticktight, Virginia stickweed and beggers lice--you get the picture. All those little fuzzy seed heads stick to your clothes, dog, etc. This is a native plant which is good, but maybe not one you probably want in your garden. Here is a nice page of info:

The third photo is teasel, a non-native (foreign) plant that has become a big problem. It is listed as an invasive plant in many states in the mid-Atlantic region.
Not good. Should be destroyed when possible.