transplanting dalias

Asked September 3, 2017, 2:15 PM EDT

while my dalias are still blooming, inorder to trasnplant then this fall, do I wait until done blooming and trasnplant,or cut back the bush now and transplant? New gardner and I appreciate your inforamtion. Thank You

Clatsop County Oregon

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Thanks for your question about transplanting your dahlias. You can take the rest of the fall off, because it's too early! As this OSU Extension article explains:

"Digging and storing tubers: When the dahlia plant is blackened by frost or continued cold rains, it is ready to lift. Cut the top down to about 6 inches. Lift the plant carefully to avoid injuring the tender tubers. Remove as much of the soil as possible without injuring the tubers, and allow them to dry for a few hours in the open air. Store in a cool, dry, frostproof place. If the air is very dry, pack the clumps in barrels or boxes in peat moss or sand, or wrap them in newspapers. Use dry packing material. It takes up moisture at first and then has a tendency to prevent drying out at the end of the storage season. Some varieties shrivel under these conditions, but others remain firm.

Don’t plant your dahlias, whether you use plants or divisions, until the soil has warmed up and danger of frost has passed. Extreme hardening of the plants may occur if planting is done too early, soil is cold, plants are too dry, there is excessive water present, roots are injured, or plants are not properly hardened off before setting out."

I just extracted a bit of the article relevant to your question, but it contains lots more about growing dahlias that you might find helpful. Over the next stages of your gardening 'career,' you might want to learn more about various subjects, and the Clatsop County Master Gardener program has various trainings and classes throughout the year. You can sign up for their newsletter here and read more about Extension services for gardening through this website.

Hope this is helpful. Good luck!