Is an organic lawn possible without crabgrass in Mount Laurel?

Asked September 2, 2017, 4:13 PM EDT

Is it possible to go completely organic with a lawn and have it as beautiful as the professionally chemical treated crabgrass free one? I live in Mount Laurel and have tried everything to rid the lawn of the crabgrass including hand pull, starting over with the lawn completely, used chemicals in past, now I am at a point of throwing in the towel. Neighbor said that a previous owner planted St. Augustine grass in the same area years ago due to having a problem. I think St. Augustine and crabgrass look alike.

I really want to be completely organic. The lawn looks great in the spring. Have used Milorganite and still had a ton of crabgrass from end of June until fall.

Burlington County New Jersey

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There is not an effective way to control crabgrass organically, outside of hand-pulling plants. The only way to make any progress is to use a preemergent herbicide early in the spring to keep seeds from germinating. Even this approach may take years, as crabgrass seeds can remain viable in the soil for many many years. Resodding isn't going to remove or suppress those seeds, and if you have any areas bordering your yard where crabgrass is allowed to grow and set seed, you'll end up with the same problem all over again. You're going to have to choose between living with crabgrass or using synthetic herbicides. That said, if you can use the preemergent herbicide for a few seasons you may be able to get your problem under control