Where to purchase U OF M trees

Asked September 2, 2017, 12:34 PM EDT

In looking at your lists of trees, which I am researching because I have 2 very old blue spruce trees which need to come down, and I would like to replace them. Some of the trees that interest me are U of M trademark cultivars. Examples: Kentucky coffee tree - True North( TM) Kentucky coffee tree - Stately Manor ( don't know if this is trademarked) hackberry - Patton's Silver Splendor ( don't know if this is trademarked) Red Maple - Firefall (TM ) Freeman cork tree - U of M - (don't know if it is trademarked) Where can these trees be purchased? I still have to take down my spruce trees - so I am looking for the new trees for either this fall or next spring. Thank you. Fern Keniston 4851 Dona Lane Golden Valley, MN 55422 763-742-0377 - cell

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Please direct your question to the Minnesota Nursery Research Corporation

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