Avocado plant

Asked September 1, 2017, 6:47 PM EDT

Hello, I grew this avocado tree from a fruit pit four years ago. About six months ago I repotted it and noticed the bottom leaves browsing and falling off. I tried changing the soil and checked to see that it was not still pot bound. I have had it outside for a month or two and now it seems to be getting worse. What is the problem and is it too late to save it?

Baltimore County Maryland

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This does not look like an insect or disease problem, so it is essentially environmental. It is not happy in its pot. We cannot point to a specific remedy that will change its decline.

The avocado fruit where you got your pit, was harvested for a full-grown avocado tree. These cannot be grown for long periods in pots. Though avocados can be grown successfully indoors, these avocado plants are dwarf varieties. You want to try growing one of those.