How to kill wild violets

Asked September 1, 2017, 11:12 AM EDT

I have wild violets. I have other junk in the grass, but I'm focusing on the wild violets for now. I sprayed these buggers in June with a pull behind liquid sprayer. They barely, sort of wilted a tiny bit and then bounced back. So.... about 3 weeks ago I got a general broad leaf control herbicide and more Triclopyr and UPPED the concentration. I then sprayed them directly with a hand held pump sprayer until they were dripping wet. And... NOTHING! After I die I want to come back to Earth as a wild violet on someone's lawn. I'll live forever! How do I kill these buggers? One thing I'm doing is applying the fertilizer on Sep/Oct/Nov to really invigorate the grass - hoping it can crowd them out? Doubt it. What can I do? I'm tall fescue, about 1.5 acres. Westminster, MD. Lawn has been established for about 23 years. Overall, looks pretty good but violets gaining ground. Thank you

Carroll County Maryland

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Wild violet is hard to control because it is resistant to most common lawn herbicides. Products with Triclopyr are the best for controlling wild violets. Mature plants frequently require two or more herbicide treatments at 21 to 28 day intervals, in the spring and/or fall. Apply the product according to the label instructions.