Care of ornamental grasses

Asked September 1, 2017, 10:08 AM EDT

When is the best time to move an ornamental grass? When is the best time to trim them back, fall or spring? Thank you

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You can transplant ornamental grasses either in the fall or in the spring. Ornamental grasses that die back in the winter should be cut to the ground in late winter/early spring before new growth begins. This includes the popular warm season grasses: fountain grass (Pennisetum), miscanthus, switch grass (Panicum), and pampas grass. If you have a cool-season ornamental grass (fescue, blue oat grass), trim out any brown or winter injured foliage in the spring; do not cut them all the way back. There is more information about the different types of ornamental grasses, and when to prune them, on the following page.