Tree I'D and help

Asked August 31, 2017, 2:46 PM EDT

The tree in my son's yard has leaves resembling a red maple but they are about half the size. I can't find any other like it online or in my books. We are also wondering about the dead branches. Branches and leaves appear healthy. No obvious pathogens.

Ohio trees and shrubs

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The tree is a Japanese maple, Acer palmatum. The leaves in the picture look fine with no concerns. Did the dieback happen recently? Has a branch been removed and is it totally brown or is there still been on the inside? Do you know how old the tree is?
It may just need to have the dead branches pruned back after first frost. This hopefully will promote new growth in spring.

Hi Shelley, Would you believe that I'm a MG Intern in Delaware County? Surprised that the MD question went to Ohio. Son said the tree was all budding prior to a late frost. Branches seem fine, just tips are dead. They've been here 5 years. They are in an older wooded area. Lots of landscaping that overwhelms even me! I just don't know trees all that well. Will have them prune after first frost. Thanks! Kathy

You are welcome, and enjoy your MG experience.