Peaches disappearing

Asked August 31, 2017, 12:44 PM EDT

We have two -two year old peach trees on our 3 acre site. This is the first year that the trees produced fruit. We were thrilled. We waited for them to ripen. Prior to being fully ripe, we noticed that seemingly overnight all of the peaches were removed from both trees. There were no remains of the fruit on the ground. Your thoughts on what happened and how to prevent for next year

Carroll County Maryland

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The only thing we can think of that might have caused this would be wildlife. Squirrels, for example, like peaches. Or they could have been harvested by people, perhaps.


Thanks for your quick response

Do deers have the same interest in peaches

Your thoughts on preventive measures to take to keep squirrels out of trees... Maybe Trunk barriers or netting the trees??

We don't know for sure if deer have a taste for peaches. We haven't received reports of that being a problem, but if they are hungry enough, deer have been known to browse many types of plants. Netting in the trees would probably be your best bet to prevent something like squirrels from getting to the fruits. It may not be practical if it's a very large tree, but some people will put netting around an entire small fruit tree to protect it.