Yellow Jacket bees

Asked August 31, 2017, 12:32 PM EDT

How do I get rid of these bees with out killing them?

Jefferson County Ohio

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Yellow jackets are an aggressive wasp that can be dangerous because a colony/nest may swarm, stinging a person multiple times. This time of year (late summer) they are preparing for winter and are more active.

Sanitation practices can keep wasp populations at a minimum as over ripe fruit, food scraps and spilled sugary substances can attract them.

Dr Potter at UK recommends an ammonia (not bleach) and water solution as a repellent in areas where trash or food scraps may be present (approximately 6 oz of ammonia per gallon of water).

Avoidance of areas where the wasps are located may be the safest choice if insecticides are not an option.

This is a link to the publication we have on yellow jacket control and avoidance:

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